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Dee Dee


It's a pleasure to meet you...

Collectively, we have "several" years experience in Event Planning, transportation, event decor, entertainment and more...

 First and foremost, we are all Sisters  

being friends for several years, has made us Family!


I'm Dee Dee,

This amazing team you see in the photo, are my friends first, like I said, were family.  They all just happen to be three of the most creative, powerful, entrepreneurs in Las Vegas.  I myself, have worn many hats throughout my career.  The common denominator in my many ventures is "Client / Customer Experiences."  In any business I have been involved in, it has always been to create an experience.  Working in the Special Events and Wedding industry in Las Vegas, that was the one thing that really got to the lack of desire some planners have to create an Experience.  When I say experience, I don't just mean the feeling.  I want the visuals, the feeling, the red carpet service, the decor, the ability to transform the entire day into a day just for you!!  I want to offer an opportunity for our guests to not be afraid to ask for exactly what they want.   This team, although we all work independently, we come together to create, and we are all on deck and ready to create FOR YOU!

Colleen Custer, a well known entertainment agent in Las Vegas, she has also had her hand in event planning and design for nearly 30 years.  Having grown up in Las Vegas, she had the amazing opportunity to work with many entertainers and venues.  Feel free to visit her entertainment website at  and take a peek at what she does.   In addition to the design and decor, she will help to meet your live or DJ entertainment needs.  Her skill and expertise in event planning and large group events, and her desire to deliver perfection, rest assured, you know you are in Great Hands!

Glynnda Bascones, actually a former Las Vegas Entertainer.  Glynnda performed in many Las Vegas lounges for close to 25 years.   She then went on to becoming one of the leading managers of transportation on the Las Vegas strip.  Glynnda maintains her amazing relationships with some of the BEST drivers in Las Vegas.  Her desire to create a memorable experience for our guest is bar none.  She has built great rapport with many drivers, she has hand picked the team that will assist Vegas Events Plus, we guarantee exceptional service with all your transportation needs while your in Las Vegas.

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